Step by step

Hey everyone!

I’ve been staying silent the last couple weeks while waiting for a few things to percolate, but it’s time for a quick update:

If you’ve seen the front page of today’s North Shore News, then you’ve seen my face staring into the distance, in a frighteningly large sort of way (which is thankfully removed from the online version). While the article lacks some of the more nuanced conversation about housing affordability or regulation related to alternative living, it’s great to see this discussion emerging in a public medium on the North Shore, and to have my campaign highlighted as one of the many projects trying to navigate these issues.

Today’s local paper. My mum bought 8 copies. That’s right, 8.

I want to reiterate something that’s very important to me, and that I think about regularly while working on this project: Tiny houses are not the solution. I just want to throw that out there. “Tiny houses”, or small, mobile dwellings, are potentially one option for some people who want to live and work in the city. This will not solve our housing crisis in Vancouver; it is not a band-aid solution for homeless populations; and I’m not proposing that we should all be living in spaces that are under 400 square feet. I’m not inherently anti-big. However, for certain (often, very fortunate) people, these tiny houses are an option. And what I’m arguing is that they should be legal and accessible.

So. While tiny houses may be a step in the right direction for a select group of people, they alone can not resolve any of today’s biggest obstacles — no one thing does. Thank you Systems Thinking 101 (aka LFS 250) for securing that profound bit of wisdom so soundly in my mind.

In other news, I want to highlight and thank the amazing donors and sponsors that have contributed to my project since the fundraiser launch. Being an individual project (rather than an NGO) makes it tricky to secure corporate sponsorships, especially from larger businesses. However, a number of small local businesses that I’ve reached out to have expressed interest in the project, align with its goals, and have generously offered both in-kind and monetary donations.  A big Thank You to:

B-Line Appliances ;Westcoast Wood Slabs; Tinytechture; and Porter (a new business in Vancouver that offers personal on-demand concierge services. Jonathan only launched the business last month and it has already taken off in a big way). Also to Toilet Tech Solutions, and EcoFloor Store for prospective sponsorships in the future.

A big shout out to Shannon O’Byrne, an administrative specialist and friend who helped me put together the media kit to secure said sponsorships. Thank you.

And a HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who has pitched in to the Generosity campaign. Every dollar helps, and will be put to good use as we start electrical and plumbing this week.

As promised on my campaign site, I would like to dedicate this blog post to a (rather large) handful of generous donors: Shannon Hope, Debbie Gambling, Madeleine Daepp, Sylvia Stewart, Andrea Gray Wild, Wendy van den Helder, Almira Walde-Renaud, Janina Mobach, Jessica Keefe, Janet Gladwin, Hetty de Jong, Evie Kosta, Robbie Bowmer, and Adrienne Levay.

Thanks everyone for your support — stay tuned for photos and cross your fingers for exciting news to come this week.


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