I’m already overwhelmed by the amazing response to my Generosity campaign that I launched just 24 hours ago. I’ve raised $720 from 13 donations, from close friends, old friends, even friends who I have yet to meet! This project is becoming more communal than I could have ever expected, and I am so insanely grateful for the continued support and mutual excitement!

Here’s the link to my campaign. Please consider donating to help me work towards building the first ever legal tiny house in the city of North Vancouver, to pave the way for future tiny homeowners and ultimately, to foster political and social change in our local communities.

This post is dedicated to Jess Stephens-Whale, Jake Gambling, David Gambling (dad), Susanna Klassen, Margaret Duncan, Katie Selbee, Austin Watson, and Susheela Kundargi. You all make my world go round. Thank you.

And now, a couple of joyful leaping photos.


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  1. johnniemanson says:

    Good luck on your fundraising. We are all rooting for you.


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