Hi, I’m Sam! My life generally revolves around slow food, good friends, and lofty projects. A tiny house is one of them.

I’m currently working to make tiny housing legal and accessible in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m exploring two venues for legalization: backyard tiny houses (similar to a coach house, on wheels), and tiny house pocket villages.

Ultimately, my goal is to redefine what we consider normal, and promote political and cultural shifts towards “tiny living”. This may be slightly counter-intuitive, but tiny living is not all about living smaller. It’s about acknowledging and taking responsibility for the impact that our daily actions have on our environment, our communities, and our own health. It’s about living mindfully, without excess. It’s about living slower,  so that you can lead a fuller, more joyful, and more connected life. And it’s about living the changes we want to see in our society.

Read on to learn more about my own story and where the movement’s headed, and visit my fundraiser to contribute and help pilot tiny living in North Vancouver.

A HUGE thank you my friends, family, and all of the local businesses that have provided in-kind donations and monetary sponsorship:

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Adrian Crook says:

    Love the idea of a pocket neighbourhood/bungalow court comprised of tiny homes. Thought about it myself before. Good luck!


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